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Thank you for the encouragement. I am reading all I can on here (the only forum I registered on) and any thing else I can on web search. I am researching as much as I can before I find out if this might be right for me and if it is what I really want.

I think I know a guy who is Poly as everyone is always teasing about him, his wife and his GF's. I have always thought it was kind of a joke as we have more then a few people who just "get around". But thinking back to some of the things I have heard I need to talk to him and find out if he is Poly and see if he has any kind of advice. I wont see him for at least 2 weeks though as I am on vacation.

My step right now is researching as much as I can about Poly lifestyle, see if it is what I want. If it is then I need to find a way to approach the 2 girls with and idea or options of how it could work and why they would want to consider it.
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