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Ariakas :

Singing : Da-Da-Dum,...,..You may be right,..I may be crazy,....

I`m not sure about that ? Could be true. I should ponder it for awhile. As cheesey as it sounds, I still look at my husband and get butterflies. That feeling never wore off, or went on hiatus.

I can`t recall going 'crazy' with NRE though, or it altering my thinking, or having to keep it under wraps. I tend to get into the mentality, that if I like someone, and want to keep a good thing going, to do it 'right'.

The more I think about it, I think thats because of my long-time profession. You have to be patient, and consistant, in order to get the desired results. It is probably learned behaviour I carried over to relationships.

Which,..makes me sound like I am awesome. But no worries, I`m fully capable of being a dipshit in other ways. :P
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