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Hey, Blackdog... was enjoying reading your post but found it very challenging because of the lack of paragraph breaks in your formatting. I think we're able to edit our own posts and I'd like it if you could insert paragraph breaks so your post will be easier to read. Thanks.


I presume from what you have written that you're bisexual. (That may be reading too much in, since some polaymorous folks apparently have intensely romantic
yet non-sexual relationships with lovers with whom they don't get naked and wriggle.)

I, myself, am bi-, so if you're bi-, well we have that in common.

I'd say you should go ahead with your exploration of friendship with the guy who asked you out. There is *never* a reasonable excuse for a partner wigging out and being so controlling that he/she prevents you or anyone from exploring profound friendship. Period.

Out of curiosity, what sex are you?

You don't have to rush into anything between the sheets with this friend.

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