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Numb, shellshocked, these are words that best describe how I'm feeling today. I read Matildas blog and I see posts that paint me as a demon. I know I'm not. My focus in the past few years has been on all the wrong things and it led me to neglect the one thing in my life that has any meaning -my family and Matilda. This is not a pleasant realisation. Work yesterday was a rollercoaster of emotion, trying to function, do my job and at the same time thinking about the past number of years. I have spread myself too thin, pursuing far too many goals and leaving nothing for anyone else. This has led me to pare back on these ambitions freeing up time to spend where it should be spent. If life has meaning at all it stems from family, friends, the innumberable links we make everyday.
Anger from the past merely destroys the future - Me
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