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Thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post

Lying is not a necessity. I know what you're probably thinking, but i'm serious. Lying is in direct opposite of respect. And a part of having a polyamorous relationship, and a good relationship in general, is respect.
I am not sure if I read wrong or not, or you read me wrong. I want to have a serious relationship with both of these girls WITHOUT lie, sneaking, cheating. That is what I learned about poly the other night that is about truth and loving not just multi casual sex with whoever.

I am not a fan of cheating and I know it is not good. It is kind of a gray area for me as I felt something was missing but was not ready to give up on the other.

Suggestion 3. Be practical about what you want, and life will be easy:
You have these 2 girls that love you...somehow. Do you want to be with them, or do you want them and even more girls? Is what you want really sex? Once you figure out what you want, you have apply your desires practically to your life. If you want them and freedom to do whatever you want, and they really only want you, then practically it's not really going to work out right? Save them the effort and heartbreak, and find someone to practically fits in line with what you want out of life, or adjust your desire to the real world
Well I really dont think I want more girls. What I wanted was my ex, but our "life" did not work. Even after several tires and saying we would work on the bad but some people are just some ways....... The new B is great and we have a, for lack of a better work, better "life". At the same time I miss a lot of my time with C. There were tons of great things about her and I miss having her in my life. Both mentally and physically. But when I am with C I miss B in the same way. They balance each other in how they are and that is why I like each. It is not just sex I am after, sex is easy to get.

I am not out just to date/sex other girls without it being called cheating. I want these 2 emotionally and physically. At this time I have NO desire for any other girls. This is also not about getting a threesome in bed. I dont think either of them would do that anyhow.

My big problem is how to make this work in the real world. How do you have 2 equal GF's? How do you deal with it day to day living situation? How do you deal with it socially? How do you deal with each persons family?

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