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Originally Posted by wiredpsyche View Post

I guess what I really need to know, is what specific questions should I be asking to make sure they really mean it when they say they can be poly-compatible?
Speaking as a mono who started off with one set of "acceptable" criteria and then they changed after the depth increased with my poly partner, I can almost say for certain there is no question you can ask to see how they will react once they fall in love with you. You cannot simulate the emotions that will be felt. Honestly it is better if poly dates poly and mono dates mono. Redpepper would takes a huge amount of stars to align in order for a mono/poly relationship to develop where both partners feel happy and "sustainably" fuilfilled. Short term mono/poly relationships would be a breeze I would think. The mono would probably see the poly as a gap filler between relationships or until something in tune with how they commit to a partner comes along.

Just my perspective though.

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