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Yeah, that could very well be it. I like to think I'm the kind of gal someone could want that strongly (how egotisitical that sounds...), but I take such serious offense to being viewed as a possession or worse, a porcelain doll. Sometimes I feel like my past mono partners have forgetten I'm a person and have wants and needs of my own (and may not have the wants and needs they think or even inisist I do!)

As for taking relationships slower, I think that is good advice. I'm pretty quick to know who I like in that way and I probably have gone too fast as a result.

As to the brining over monos, good philosophy, although I suck at the convincing!

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I wonder if they are polycurious. Kind of like the abundance of bi-sexual girls who are actually just curious. People think "ya poly sounds cool, threesomes etc"...and then reality hits, they think they have your love as a singular awesomeness and then decide they are monogamous expecting you to follow

Instinct and experience. Maybe take the relationships slower so you can really sus out the reality of their expectations...Also and I hate to say it...someone in the poly world has to keep getting monogamous people, how else is poly a seemingly growing community?

and really I can't believe I just wrote that, I am a jump head first kind of guy haha...apparently I have been learning something new lately.
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