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To answer the question. I have not always been poly. I have always been open. With rules in place. For almost 11 years with my wife (gf for 9 of those)...we had an open relationship from the start. What can I say we both liked women.

Poly is new and we have both been poly for equal amounts of time. We both realized we loved the same girl. We have broken down some of our rules and are on slight divergent paths with similar end goals.

I do find people generally open to open relationships, but almost be fearful of poly. Its almost akin to cheating. If a girl thinks I am hiding something and cheating, I can find pickups easily. The minute they know my wife exists and knows...its not as exciting.

I am so far out of the gaming world I don't have ins. I used to pickup at d&d conventions when I was mono. I was a DM and didn't take shit from the players. Girls liked that. Haven't tried as a poly and honestly, I am not the same person I was. In my head that was part of my younger years, and better left there.

OKC has been a flop, fetlife has introduced me to lots of kinky people, but in those cases, I haven't been interested...
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