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Default Anyone here not have a monogamous partner?

I see a lot of posts asking for advice on how to proceed when their partner is monogamous, I'm wondering if there's anyone here who is poly in all their relationships and with all poly people and has been that way from the beginning?

I figure at one point we've all been in monogamous relationships, but I'd really like to hear from people who have started as a single poly.

A lot of my issues came from just meeting people in the usual fashion, letting them know my feelings, some were okay with it at that point but as soon as we got serious it would always turn to how they couldn't deal with it if I wasn't mono. I'm really not looking for a repeat of that but I don't know how to avoid it outside of joining poly dating sites and trying to get into the local poly club and even then that puts me at a loss as I've never met any of my exes at a bar or through a dating site, it has always been during the course of a normal activity (or as normal as they get, I swear I've picked up about as many boyfriends through playing D&D or Mage as I have with other interests).
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