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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Sounds like step one is to talk to both of them to figure out if this is even an option. Until you know what they are willing to do, B&C might not be into a poly shared relationship
I understand that I would need to talk to both of them and see where they stand. I am here looking to find out more about Poly, how it works, how to approach it, how make it work for all people involved. This is very new to me and if I am going to approach them I need to understand what I am asking them to do so I can explain it to them.

I would talk to C first as we are not currently together, and I think there is a small chance she might be ok with it if presented right. As for B I really have no clue but it can be felt out when the time is right if C is a go. One of the big things I need to do is get more info on how a relationship like this would work. I know it is all up to what all parties involved decide but I need a an idea to present.

Neither of the girls are bi or even curious as far as I am aware since both have been pretty clear about that. I think they have quite a few difference which is what I like about both of them. At the same time I think they have a lot in common and could be good friends.......

I am reading up as much as I can on this forum and searching but what does a relationship like this look like? Is it one live in, one on the side? Both live in (all 3 of us in the same house)? Have 3 houses and take turns? Something else? Again I know it is up to us to decide but I need some options to present to get the conversation going?

The only thing that red flags for me, is actually the girls.
I assume you mean if they are up for a Poly, is that correct?

Why, when you are essentially, at this point a serial monogamist, do they keep allowing you to come and go. Its just a thought.
Well I looked up serial monogamist and I dont quit think that fits me after reading several things on it. While I will admit that I have had quite a few of those I have had as many "just dating" of up to 4 girls at one time. With C I actually cheated on her with 5 different women in our 5 year span starting after about the first year.

When you say "why do they keep allowing you to come and go" is that a hint that they might be up to a Poly relationship? That is how I read what you wrote. I was looking up ways to have 2 GF's in real relationships without the lies and that is how I ended up here. I have an idea Poly may work here as they both seem to be in love with me and I love them.

It seems like the 2 of them have everything I need to be happy cause that is what I really want. Of course they would need to be happy too for it to all work out.

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