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I'm a person of incrediably diverse interests. I'm interested in permiculture farming, nutrition, biochemistry, animal husbandry, sewing, clothing design, psychology, music theory, computers and I spend time collecting data for and maintaining databases on a variety of topics. That's just the most recent tip of the iceberg! I love to learn, about everything, all the time. I have this driving need for my mind to be active, puzzling things out. My focuses vary from day to day and at times it seems to others that I am a completely different person from even moments before.

I have so many interests I've never had one boyfriend be able to mirror all of those - nor would I expect one to, as that diversity is part of what makes me unique.

Just like I prefer diversity in my interests and hobbies, I welcome it into the bedroom. Yet a good conversation can be just as rewarding as sex to me, and it seems a shame not to share sexual intimacy with someone else on the notion that it is somehow different or deeper than verbal discourse.

I'm extremely empathetic. It is very easy for me to care, very deeply, about my friends. Intimacy to me doesn't have to include sex and thus I feel wrong when I'm in a monogamous relationship and I take delight in an intense verbal intercourse with a friend. So much so I've taken to not having close friends during my monogamous relationships. I'm just not comfortable opening up my senses to others because I know its the same exact kind of caring and attention I give my partner...

Thus my conundrum.

And then finally the realization that I'm doing the monogamous men I've fallen for a disservice by reigning in myself for them. To watch them try so hard to meet ALL my needs, even when I tell them they don't have to... even though I realize that if there were a single person on this planet that could, the chances of me actually meeting him are practically nonexistant...

So I am poly because I am multifaceted. I give due attention to each of those facets as opposed to attempting to blend them into a singular entity.

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I'm interested in hearing anyone's experiences or thoughts.

I was asked this question (or a version thereof) and it was basically asking "why do I need/want someone else?"
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