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Default When do you know you are ready to pursue poly?


The last six months have led to some pretty radical changes in my life that have led me to a point where I am seriously considering pursuing a poly lifestyle, but I also have a lot of hesitation/insecurities etc about this and would really love some words of wisdom here.

Some background about me:
- I recently reconnected with who I consider to be my soulmate of soulmates after years apart. We are together now and he allows me to be exactly who I am... which is an amazingly free feeling and is why I have even felt able to acknowledge that I may be poly at heart.
- I moved down to Georgia to be with my partner and to my great surprise I met a woman there with whom I share an instant deep bond with, as well as mutual sexual attraction. Other than my current partner, she is one of maybe 3 or 4 people that I have felt this way about in my lifetime.
- My partner knows how I feel about this woman, and has encouraged me that "when I am ready" that he supports me pursuing this.

The question is, how do I know I am ready? I want to express myself fully with this woman but when I think about it for too lengthy of a time it causes me a great deal of distress about the potential of negatively impacting what I consider to be the greatest gift in my life (my current partner), and I also don't know how to approach her even if I was ready. She and I both know that there is something between us, but out of respect for each other we have never pursued it further than friendship.

I sometimes feel like even though this is what I WANT - I am far from being ready to really engage in this on an emotional health level at this point.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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