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So..., yesterday I'm hanging out with a friend, and we chatted a little about how difficult it is to meet other queer men where we live, especially the ones who are available for something more than casual sex with strangers. I told my friend that I have even stooped as low as trying Craigslist, which is more often than not used for sexual hook-ups, rather than potentially meeting a true intimate.... Well, anyway, at some point my friend says that "Maybe the sort of folks who would answer an ad like yours are the very same sort who will drop the ball and not call or phone as they say they intend to" .... "... you know, the lack of commitment". (He seemed to think that I wouldn't and couldn't be committed to a new amour because I already have a boyfriend.) He knew of my self-describing as poly, but he really doesn't understand what that is, what that means....

I tell this story in large part as a way of saying that polyamory is really not very well understood by most folks. Usually, a guy like me has to educate people in even the most basic of basics.
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