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Thank you for your replies.

Part of the rub of this is that my husband put himself forward as wanting the fairytale too- he literally used metaphors like "knight in shining armour" and "one true love" and ''destiny'' and ''happily ever after'' the whole time to bring me around to believing he thought and felt the way I did. So, now I feel really stupid, really duped, and really naive.

In regards to Ariakas' points that Idealist quoted (I agree and they are valid points and I take them on board readily)...the problem is that I don't HAVE that circle of friends and support closeby because my husband saw to it that I could not make friends outside of him. I was to be his everything, and he has always refused to 'share' me or my time with anyone (I don't mean in a sexual way, I mean coffee/chat/go to a show/go out dancing friendships.

Any time anyone tried to get close to me, my husband shut it down and either scared them off or insisted I not 'pursue' the friendship on the grounds that he didn't need or want anyone else in his life, and if I loved him as much, then I shouldn't either.

Obviously, looking back on it now, it smacks of emotional and psychological abuse and serves to make me feel like more of an fool. I just feel like I'm drowning.
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