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It does look fishy, I know... maybe we are trying too hard to make it work when it could work well if we let it flow. We have had sex before altogether, but I would say that (maybe with the exception of Andulvar) we collectively yearn for more. It's... figuring out how to get that more that is our problem.

@redpepper: I seem to have a knack for leaving out important facts with my comments... Selene and I were really good friends since grade school, but I used to have an anger problem when we graduated high school. Usually, I took my anger out on her and Company. There were whole months when the only things we said to each other were snide remarks and come-backs. Finally, Selene managed to make it known to me that if I did not shape up and control myself, she would cease to be in my life. Needless to say, I shaped up... it was, however, a near miss, and I value this closeness with her. It's this more than anything that I say I am lucky for, but I wouldn't say that I take any attention from Andulvar.

Selene has a way of saying it... there are things that certain people give you that you can find from no one else, and things that you give that can't be found elsewhere.

@rpcrazy: Selene and I think it's makings for some huge pissing contest he wants to have with Company, though he doesn't seem to want to do the same to Thunder. I'm thinking confidence issue of some kind... mostly with his ability to "keep" Selene if we began a relationship. I'm not sure how to get through. ):
"Love as thou wilt."

Company is my husband. I'm dating Selene, Ariel, Vegeta, Thunder, and Andulvar.
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