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Default Update

Wow, my email fails at telling me I had more responses. Sorry to leave y'all hanging a bit.

@Redpepper: I neglected to mention how this whole idea started up, so I'll give you the grand story.

Probably our dumbest mistake, we were drinking. Thunder had never been drunk with us, and I wanted to know what he'd be like, since I've seen most our other friends like that. What he didn't say until he was already drunk was that he gets handsy.

Thunder has had a huge crush on Andulvar since Selene met him (Selene, Thunder, and I have been friends since high school), and that's where he began. Soon he brought me into the mix, and then Selene, and finally Company (who was sleeping while it happened, unfortunately).

Selene ended up freaking out a bit about it, but we were stupid and deserved it. However, she did say that this is something she wants if we can figure out a way we all would enjoy it most.

Bad story, huh? Though I will take your advice as far as Selene goes... We've got a very open relationship together that's only gotten stronger with its age, and I shouldn't attempt to be some kind of hypocrite.

@rpcrazy: She says she wants it, though I'm sure most of it is platonic for now. Well, she has sex with Andulvar, but they've been married for two or so years now. And Selene is more attracted to women; me! I'm so lucky, right?

@SchrodingersCat: I think it may just be her own anxiety... I'm optimistic for the sexual future of our relationship with the boys as a whole. It took her six months before she had sex with Andulvar the first time, and he's the biggest of the three.

Andulvar is a bit controlling, yes. He's the big manly man, brings home the bacon and all that jazz. However, he spends a lot of time speculating that every new guy Selene meets absolutely has to want to fuck her as much as he does, and it creates a lot of insecurity for him-- my main concern.

That's close enough to what actually happens when Andulvar uses his "marital voice". Sometimes his opinion doesn't match up with Selene's. I think it's great if a couple has such unity that they can speak for both of them at once, but I don't think it should be all the time, or at least not as often as I see it happening with them when we're thinking of expanding our present relationships to encompass each other's and including Thunder in it.

Now for the update.

Company had a talk earlier with Andulvar about how he'd like Company to back off... it didn't go very well, at least not in Company's eyes or mine (though I wasn't there when he did it).

Andulvar said that he isn't intimidated by Company, which I could suppose is a bad way to say that he trusts him. Should I not be assuming such? He went on to say that if he wanted to, he could get into my pants whenever just because we jive on the same sexual frequency (we want it more than our spouses do), but that if he has sex with me, he doesn't want that to mean that he "owes" Company sex with Selene.

It sounds wrong, yeah? I'm not sure if he meant all of that the way it sounds or not, but it definitely means more talking. Feels like a step backwards.
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