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Default I can talk sex theory all day...

I had sex with a guy once who had a 3" cock and it did nothing for me, so I guess I'm not THAT small :P

You had me scared for a moment, but you've renewed my hope! thx!

Most of the nerves ARE in the head, however I find the contraction of the uterus is tighter the deeper your in. In certain rhythms, the moment I go my deepest, is the moment she contracts the hardest, attaining a blissful level of sustained or intermittent intimacy and ecstasy

yeah, most women seem to have the same view of doggy. It hurts but it's so good that it's ok, and some people even so it's so good that the pain turns into pleasure too. Guess it all depends. In any case, i get your point...It's not really a matter of getting used to it. But as you've alluded, everyone can kind of "readjust" your sex to match up.

-"There hasn't been a person i've been with that I didn't love for 10 seconds to 10 years." David Duchovny
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