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Originally Posted by Elliott View Post
I recently recieved letters from my family demanding an explanation of my relationships and my transition, calling me selfish and insensitive for never explaining.

I have always considered myself more or less banned from talking about lovers other than H at home.
I'm not sensing a lot of support.

Selfish and insensitive for never explaining... well, did they ever ASK in a way that made you feel comfortable sharing? Or did they only glare at you with judgmental eyes that made you feel you were some kind of freak for not becoming who they thought you should be according to their white picket fence paradigm??

I agree with AT about their demands. Terrorists give demands. They have no right to demand anything from you.

Personally, rather than explaining anything to them right now, I would focus on the way their behavior is making you feel that you have to justify who you are as a person.

Tell them all you want is their love and support, and you need those to feel comfortable sharing your lifestyle with them, and demanding explanations does not make you feel loved and supported.

I just don't like the feeling of entitlement I'm getting from your family, that everything is their business and they have supreme judgement rights over your life.

Perhaps finding a good LGBT group might also give you some support and ways to explain those aspects of your lifestyle, which have different issues than just the poly.
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