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Originally Posted by River View Post
I'm surprised two days have passed without comment on my above question.

I have noticed that participation is somewhat down, lately, at And most of the participants are a fairly small batch of regulars. I think we could generate more participation here if we have something like what I suggested going on here.
River, you yourself often go for days or even weeks at a time without visiting the forum. You obviously have things going on in your life off the internet. Why is it so surprising that other people might do the same? Just because there are no replies to one post for two days doesn't mean the forum in general is dead. Every time I log on there are new posts, and they are usually from people signing on to seek feedback about a specific issue in their lives. And even if it does get a bit slow sometimes - consider the possibility that participation might be down because it's summer. Now there's a radical thought... people doing outdoor stuff having fun with their partners and families instead of sitting at their computers discussing books about polyamory...

Of course, this is just my theory. I could be wrong. After all, there is a first time for everything

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