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Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
I know I want to be with him and perhaps it will end up that we just have to change our relationship into a friendship for it to work.

I love the realization in this!

This is a great comment in that it shows you are aware that there can be a continuing relationship regardless if it remains intimate or not. A lot of people aren't fortunate enough to have a multi layered friendship like you do in accepting the possibility of changing your relationship, vice completely ending it.

Maintaining a deep friendship is more important than anything to me in my relationship with Redpepper. She knows I would do almost anything to keep her as my most trusted and best friend, even if I had to deny myself certain aspects of my love for her. I am completely comfortable in this because I love her so much and simply want to be in her life.

My point is, you obviously care about him in general, just do what is healthy for you to continue to share in his life in whatever form that is.
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