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Originally Posted by rpcrazy View Post
I don't mind the word, i use it daily. I guess my point was simply when you say "he/she's out fucking somebody else!" It kind of dumbs down what's really going on, and makes the whole scene ugly, semantics aside...Like i said, it doesn't usually go down like that. Despite what you're "thinking". It's a flawed logic that leads insecurities...or vice versa.
OK. In both of your posts about this, it does sound like you're saying that "fucking" carries a negative connotation. In both of your posts, you do equate "fucking" with "ugly". "Ugly" usually carries a negative connotation.
I'm not sure what you mean by "it doesn't usually go down like that".

What's "it"?

What's "go down"?

What's "like that"?

These are such generic, nondescript terms, they have no meaning when it comes to ascribing quality to a word, such as "fucking".

If you mean, for example, that "a polyamorous lifestyle is not all about going out and having as much sex as you can with whoever will spread their legs and get naked at the first opportunity" equals "fucking", then yes,it CAN "go down like that" and that certainly carries an "ugly" sentiment for some people. But if that is what you meant, then say so.

If by "fucking" one is referring to the likely scenario that one partner will end up having consensual coitus or oral sex with another human in the course of a caring relationship, it can also "go down like that" and carries a not-so-ugly sentiment for some people.

There are other contexts in which the acts of sex may be described as "fucking" and the way these acts are undertaken can be "ugly" to some people's sensibilities and not so "ugly" to other people's sensibilities.

I would venture that a monogamously-oriented person might consider the idea of their partner "making love" with another partner to be "ugly", regardless of how the events leading up to the act of consummation were to "go down", and also regardless of the terminology used to describe.
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