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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I meant no disrespect RPCrazy, but the thing is no matter how it is presented, to most mono partners it is going to come down to the visual of thier partner fucking somone else. If they don't get over that blunt sweaty physical aspect of it then they will probably have a hard time being fully happy.
To some, "fuck" is an "ugly" word. To some, "fuck" is just a word. I refer to having sex with my husband as "fucking" and that does not make it an "ugly" thing. Just because this forum is about "polyamory" and "polyamory" is about "love" doesn't mean that we are all required to use "nice" terms like "making love" when it comes to talking about "having sex". "Fucking" does not equal "ugly" and polyamorous individuals can go out and "get laid" just like anyone else.
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