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My wife an I took a "break" was done for multiple reasons...and it was needed

a) she has been ill for the last few years. Being in town has not been healthy for her as this town represents a lot of her bad habits. She needed to go home to "reset" and come back with a different mindset. It was killing me to see her continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again.
b) I was wallowing in self pity over a love situation. When I am hurt, I become very introspective and need to process. Communication does nothing for me in this case, because it simply means I am rehashing the same problem over and over again. I process much better, with extreme challenges, in private
c) She was also going through some self discovery. Being home helped her find more of herself. And I couldn't be happier with how much processing she had done.

Sometimes breaks are needed, useful and healthy. I spent 3 weeks away from Pengrah and she and I came out much better because of it. You may disagree with breaks, and thats great for you. But sometimes life calls for it. I would rather take a 3 week break then still be in the same place I was in, in March.


Sorry for the mini hijak. You could have simply meant a break (like school, work etc)...I have never had the opportunity to have a secondary without my primary around. So I am not sure. I am not sure of your ages etc, but sometimes love can feel like its moving to fast. So if you have moved "stuff" in that can be tremendous pressure for someone. Taking a break to reset that feeling and moving your things out could help. You should definitely talk to your partner as to WHY there is a break needed. Once its clear you may find you agree.
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