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@SchrodingersCat're story is awesome

@river's post
Recently my g/f met up with a friend who was an ex of an ex(all females). Her friend was pissed at the ex, saying maybe she'll go BI because "chicks just aren't serious" in reference to the ex not wanting to be an exclusive relationship with the friend and the fact that she started dating a "n-word guy"(yes, a lesbian being a The "it's just fun" idea is pretty huge in the "queer" community it seems. I think it's hard anywhere to find something really nice and stable.

Why are you looking for other people? ask that to yourself
Also, i've been mass amounts of thought into to the scenario where I would go out and "look" for an addition to my relationship or relationships, and the only thing i've been able to come up with is the numbers.

If you go out (or stay in) and meet people, and get facebooks, emails, #'s 4/7 days a week, you'll on average meet 1-5 people a day, being 20 people a month, 120 people in half a year, so on and so forth.
If you're honest about poly to all these people, EVENTUALLY, you'll meet some kick ass people who are gonna be ok with it. Especially if the poly talks comes from their curiosity and not your broadcasting.
However, this is all hypothetical, get my drift.
-"There hasn't been a person i've been with that I didn't love for 10 seconds to 10 years." David Duchovny

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