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Thanks AutumnalTone. Quite a few people in real life have told me that I don't need to justify my choices to anyone, especially not anyone who isn't directly affected by those choices.

I realise that my post from last night is sparse in potentially important information. so:
  • I'm 20, at University and I live away from home with H.
  • I'm the hinge in our poly situation. I have three partners, all of whom are open to or looking for another partner.
  • I'm engaged to my first partner H, who has always been fine with me being poly and is currently looking for another boyfriend.
  • My first girlfriend C and I have been together over a year now but I've been keeping quiet about her since my mum got so upset when I told her I had a girlfriend as well as a fiance, nearly a year ago.
  • The reason the topic has been brought up again is my girlfriend E. After about 6 months of being E's boyfriend, I found I could no longer imagine a life without her. For this reason, I asked her if I could tell my family about us (she's already told her dad) and she said I could as soon as I was ready. So I did. My mum appeared to take it well, she said she'd already guessed that we were together. She didn't tell me that I was ruining E's life this time.
  • I recently recieved letters from my family demanding an explanation of my relationships and my transition, calling me selfish and insensitive for never explaining.
  • I have always considered myself more or less banned from talking about lovers other than H at home.
  • Both H and E have recently been diagnosed with depression. My Mum made a joke to the effect that this was somehow my fault.

    That's a lot of background info. I think my mum thinks I'm too young to decide to live as we do yet she doesn't think I'm too young to be engaged.

    My mum has also told me that if I think I can love more than one person, I don't know what love is.

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