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Well, I seem to have bumped into this and didn't know it was here.

I want you to remember my love that I don't feel in any way that I am "missing out" other than my wondering what it would be like to have an intimate friendship with him. When I think about the situation and the changes it would bring if our friend were closer to me, I don't feel it would add to what we already have. At lease what I already have with him. I am positive that it would add something for him, but if I began a sexual relationship with him, because he would benefit, then I would be going back to what I used to do in the past... have sex just because someone asked me to.

You are right, he is a loving and caring man towards me and our family. If we began to be sexual he would certainly be someone who would be everything that I require in a partner, but he is everything I require as is.

The dread I feel when I look into your eyes and feel you shrink from me is unbearable to me. I would not give up our closeness for my curiosity and to make someone feel fulfilled. I just wouldn't, it isn't worth it. End of story.
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