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k, wait a minute, I only counted four... company, thunder, Selene and the writer.

It sounds like you have a tribe starting up. As it seems to go, there is a lot to sort out and a lot to wade through emotionally through communication.

Keep at it. My advice would be to make sure you also let Selene talk for herself. Sometimes it can be seen as hypocritical if you are telling her partners that she should have her own voice when she could be saying that herself. Perhaps you should talk to her about stepping up and doing just that and then letting it go.

I agree, there is something that could be a red flag in the fact that Andulvar thinks Company should back off. Ah... there is the last one, my mistake... I'm not sure who thunder is then and what his place is in this mix? Anyway, I would wonder what possible hidden emotions are underneath that for him.
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