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Default Redpepper's parent's acceptance

Today we all went to Redpepper's parents house to a have a Father's Day dinner. I brought a deer roast that my father gave me when I recently visited. While Polynerdist, Redpepper and son are vegetarians, her parents and I are not. We all pitched in and cooked a great spread of vegetarian food and Redpepper's Mom took care of the roast. I posted our family pics on Facebook so my parents could see us all enjoying our meal, partially supplied by them.

It was relaxed and very enjoyable. We felt like a big family to me; accepting and trusting in each other. Redpepper's dad told her she has always been a wonderful daughter as we left at the end of the evening. She went back to watch a show with her mom later as is their new routine.

Who would have thought we would have come so far since coming out to them.

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