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Originally Posted by River View Post
I'm curious to know if your wife is aware of your bisexuality (or biamory, if you prefer). I have found that there are a vast number of men who have never told their wives about their same-sex attraction. Keeping this from them often feels like a terrible weight to carry, and sometimes revealing this secret is like dropping a forty pound load from one's shoulders.
Originally Posted by Lost421 View Post
Sounds like you've got the communication piece figured out. That's a big plus, and probably part of the reason why you're still with your wife. Just keep trying to figure things out at your own pace, keep the communication going, and be true to yourself. Plus you've found some very emotionally astute people in this forum, and I've gotten lots of good advice here. Welcome!

Hi and thanks, communication has always been one of our strengths. We talk and talk and often times we're too blunt with each other.
We agreed what we were getting into before we married and I thought I was okay with the terms and conditions, but like I said in my op, I was completely inexperienced. I spent my childhood watching my parents psychologically batter each other, it would have been easier if they'd physically attacked each other. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. My behaviour hurt my wife and she's still hurting. We're communicating, trying to move forward and I'm trying to be honest with her and with myself. As regards my bi-sexuality, yes she knows about my 'tendencies.' I don't see gender, I see people, I always have. It's taken me years to accept that. Moving forward, I'm trying to be as open as possible and I don't stray. I'm happy with that as I don't want to hurt her anymore.
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