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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Why can't there be a sliding scale of poly/mono. I know someone threw one up here a while ago...but the gist would be like kinsey (I think it was idealist)...a scale 1 to 6 1 being mono and 6 being poly. It might help people understand a potential transition and or, where they fit in.
You're the man today Ari thanks for another quote!

I think that perhaps there is some kind of scale between an all out swinger who sees sex as a matter of everyday biological need... like taking a crap and those that find sex to be a deep spiritual connection that they only want to share with those who are close and safe.

this seems to eb and flow in life and with certain partners even. It is important I think to make sure that one knows where they are on that scale when they invite others into their lives, so as to have the best mental health.
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