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Default This is probably going to get me skewered

and I am honestly not posting it for the sake of being provocative (or as Z says, I'm not being a troll) but.....I think some poly relationships could be a form of cheating.

Being out in the open doesn't necessarily mean it isn't cheating just that you have the guts to tell your partner. Leaving a relationship because your partner wants to add another party isn't an option for many of us. If you love your partner, you don't want to lose them and you want them to be happy. There are also all the financial and family issues holding you together.

Cheating is a horrible word, maybe I should replace it with "avoidance"? in a big relationship (no practical label: e.g. marriage, long term, committed etc.) both parties are responsible for the life that has been built. If that means that because of children, work, financial pressure or whatever, you have lost or are challenged by the ability to be as intimate, passionate and present in the "now" as you would like; to then go and find that which is lost or difficult, with another person, is surely avoidance at best or at worst a form of cheating?


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