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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Like Ariakas said, I find bisexual people to be more open-minded in general. I'm going to stereotype now, and I want a disclaimer that I'm not saying this applies to all heteros, bis, or gays. I've found a lot of heteros to be stuck in their Barbie & Ken lifestyle. They think it's fine for "those people" to do what they're going to do, but they want no part of it. A lot of gays seem to be anti-bi, possibly due to some experiences with bi-curious people using them to test the waters, without a real intention for it to go anywhere.
I would agree with this. Most have a pre-disposed viewpoint on what being a married couple is. Heck even throw kink in there. They just want the prescriped house, picket fence, 2 cars, happy kids - all 2.5 of them. If they have that, that is their perfection...

And Pengrah has run into the above backlash. We come from a very lesbian community. When I was younger I think the ratio was 7 to 1 girls to guys. In a town with a lot of bi-sexual women, there was still backlash, almost violent, to the bi-sexuals. There was even an anti-toy movement, the lesbians claiming "if you like toys, you like boys"...I would not have envied her in those days.

Its quite a lot to work with and think about
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