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Originally Posted by JellyLegs View Post
I have a question I could use some advice on from some seasoned Poly people.
I feel on some level as if I'm being dishonest with my other partners - we don't do the whole 'primary/secondary' thing. My other partners are really, honestly, amazing people; there is no rational reason that I would not want to be with them. They are awesome boyfriends. But....what do I do?
i'm not a seasoned poly person so i can't offer advice but i know 100% how you feel. I have 2 bf's, sadly both ldrs at this point. They are both at this point mono and i'm the poly. I don't have a primary/secondary as i want them both to be equals in my life. Due to the fact that Frosty is 18 hours ahead of me and Redwood's work times, 1 hour time zone difference there i find i spend more time talking to Frosty online.

Redwood has been in my life over 4 years now and Frosty just for 3-4 months, so it is for sure still nre for us. I do feel bad some times that i talk/think about Frosty more than Redwood.

sorry if it seems rambley :P
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