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oh that Evolve or Die statement was from my love addiction 12 stepping stuff. All the addictions end in jails, institutions or death. So I was wondering if I could hold onto my toxic love addicted relationship and have my healthy ones all at the same time. 5 out of 6 and 1 out of 6. or will I spiral into the pits of despair and die? evolve or die? face all this stuff and move through it to higher levels of consciousness or crash and burn into old unconscious dangerously toxic patterns. I'm not sure I can really explain it, depends if you've ever had addiction issues. Oh it was not, not being in a polyamorous relationship that I was implying was a fatal condition. It was thinking I am in a polyamorous/open relationship when I'm not, denial, toxic man is lying/cheating/saying whatever and I am getting physically attacked by the other women when he is trying to introduce/manipulate us.

There was a news story about this woman, who had some serious love addiction to a man and decided to burn down his wedding tent, killing so many people. Crimes of passion, love addiction, jealousy, lies, cheating, people pleasing, miss-communication can end in death. Happens all the time. Temporary insanity is the plea

I just finished that article here on how to manage jealousy in open relationships that was sooo helpful. I will be studying/rereading that a number of times. thanks for asking for clarification, hope i didn't muddy it further.
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