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Originally Posted by joyfulgirl26 View Post
jealousy (like fear or uneasiness) is one of those tricky things that likes to hide its true motivations. picking it apart and addressing each individual aspect of it is where the learning lies! jealousy isn't something to eradicate, it's another opportunity to grow!
That's very well said, Joyfulgirl! I agree completely. When the pain of jealousy arises, most of us want to run and hide, rather than to take a curious look at the thoughts and emotions/feelings which are there -- and how they are related. Just when we're being offered a great opportunity for major insight and freedom, we tend to turn away. Often blame is the method of this madness: "She/He did this to me!"

It takes courage to examine one's conditioning and habits of mind and heart. But that courage pays big. Thanks for your words of wisdom.
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