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Best of luck with your continued journey. One thing I have learned since starting this is to avoid having expectations. If you begin to expect something based on what you are seeing, you may end up disappointed.
Thank you. But realistically, the whole concept of planning and sharing a life together HAS to be based on expectations. A commitment involves a promise. A promise engenders expectations you are supposed to be able to count on. It's very simple. He can expect me to be with him, and happy with him because I am in love with him and am truly satisfied sexually, emotionally and in all respects wanting to be a companion. If there is anything lasting, meaningful and enduring about such emotions and they certainly seem to be borne out as realistic and normal for the great majority of people when they get married and stay together as a couple then most love relationships of serious significance last because of the satisfaction that comes with being happy with that person and not needing new and separate commitments. At least thats the nominally monogamous way. True polyamorous people seem to be a little more needy in terms of how many people are involved to fulfill them. If you are hard wired that way, then that's cool but obviously you need someone else to be the same way or at least competely accepting of someone being polyamorous even if they don't require it. I imagine that's even rarer, but still there for some.
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