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I noticed you said that he loves you but is with other women that he says he loves less. He is a people pleaser. Might I suggest that he is selling you a line to please you... he is likely telling the other women the same thing. What way do you have of knowing if you already know he is dishonest.

I would suggest that you don't love this new guy because he is something different that you have ever had before. You don't know how to love men like him or how to invest in them because you have been hurt by ones like the other man before.

It's kind of lie women who are abused. They fall for abusers because that is what they know. They trust that scenario even though it is not healthy for them.

Perhaps its time to invest a little. Talk to the new guy about these concerns, tell him you want to take it really slow because you think he might be worth it. Tell him you don't love him but see potential to and want to investigate that slowly. There is no harm in admitting to these things. It might not work out with him, but would put you on good footing to be with someone in the future as you will learn a lot about what it means to really love.

Hey "Scat," heehee, I have written that so many times and erased it. Unfortunate short form.... but cute and worth teasing you about just the same heh.
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