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GS -
I am on the fence... It mostly has to do with the fact that NOTHING has happened physically on my side of the equation. Therefore, I don't know how to react. I'd love to push those boundaries, but I also feel weird forcing the issue, even on myself. So - I question things... alot.

It is entirely possible that this won't go well -that is why I take the time during which no drama is ensuing to think about things and why I act the way I do. It certainly isn't because I want to sit in the corner... I just AM right now. I want to get out, but not if that means doing something that will be of detriment to my physical or mental health.

It is frustrating. I day dream about it a lot. Lots of times this is where I can vent and maybe get a bit of feedback from someone who has felt how I do, or can see something I cannot.

But - your post did help a bit. so thanks.

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