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Originally Posted by River View Post
Maybe a good way to begin to address the challenges and difficulties you both are facing is to agree to be monogamous for now?
I generally support the notion that a new couple planning a lifelong partnership can benefit from being monogamous while they figure out how they work as a couple before throwing the complications of other partners into the mix.

My concern with the above suggestion is that it can be too easy for the mono partner to "get comfortable" with it being a monogamous relationship, while the poly partner gets more and more antsy waiting for "for now" to be finished.

Perhaps a definitive time frame, say 18 months, would help remind both partners that this is only temporary and changes are in the works. It gives the mono partner time to come to terms with the ideas, and gives the poly partner assurance that this is only a temporary measure.

Aside, S-cat doesn't bother me the way "scat" did :P The hyphen makes it clear that I'm not poopies ... I think "SC" was used already in this thread to refer to the OP, so to avoid confusion, I think something else was used for me. Either way, thanks for the pat on the back!
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