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Originally Posted by sage View Post
It's a good article, thanks for sharing. Can jealously ever completely eradicated do you think?

I'm not sure whether it's ever truly "eradicated".
But what happens is that it's recognized, understood at a deep level, and dealt with accordingly.

It's kind of like working out too hard at the gym. The first time - you pull a muscle. You're on your back for a week ! The next time you feel the pull. You have learned more about the muscles in your body and what their limitations are.
You back off ! You don't want to, but you know the outcome if you don't.

The more this repeats, the sooner you see it coming. It becomes second nature to back off and move to something else. A better outlook and way of handling things.


PS: I also like the article. It gave some very simple straightforward explanations and some good, concrete steps you can take to minimize the impact in your life.

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