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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
and yes P is very social, everyone knows him, girls hit on him constantly and he knows everyone. he is constantly "getting distracted". hell tell me "hold on one second ill be right back" or "I see someone I know" and I end up running into him hours later. sometimes he used tell me to "go meet people" but that left me feeling bad and we talked about it. its not easy for me to meet people.
Hey Glow,

Look, I'm sorry, but I just have to call this out.

For starters, my instinct tells me that what YOU see as a relationship here and what P sees are possibly quite different. I suspect he likes you, cares about you, likes being with you - WHEN it fits HIS needs. I don't like that. Sorry.
I think he wants to help you because you are so nice. And other reasons But I do suspect if I (or any other outside person) could ask him how he saw this relationship with you the response might be quite different than what I sense coming from you.

Now..........that being said................

Personally, I could easily come down on this as being cruel. I don't like it. P KNOWS your insecurities. He knows you are struggling and uncomfortable in these situations. And yet he continues to toss you to the wolves so to speak. Now maybe he wants to paint that as 'helping' you. And in some way it is. And sometimes that's necessary. But not ALL the time !

A lot could be learned here by trying to get some commitment from him to attend some event - even party- and navigate it as a pair ! Try to get some balanced flow going about swimming on your own some times and having the life jacket on other times. If he can't at least do that then I suggest you take a hard look at what's going on here. If I thought you were just being used.....................not good ! More likely I just suspect he's unaware and inconsiderate.

You take the controls here now girl..............

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