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The flip side of open and honest communication is also to not be a selfish reciever of communication.

I am not always going to hear what I am wanting to hear and I am not always going to have things my way. I cannot expect to be a poly princess and get everything my way. When I am able to give, give, give in the form of listening, accepting, empathizing and making sure that not only I get my needs met but am able to give to the needs of others then I get the best value out of my relationship.

This means not creating something out of a rant or a vent too. I find it much more helpful, healthy and comfortable to let some stuff go when I receive communciation. Often times my partner is in the process of going through something, coming to terms with something or just blowing off steam. Its not always necessary to blow what they say out of proportion or become threatened. Often times its all in the moment and later when I ask how its going it isn't an issue any more, or much lessened.
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