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Originally Posted by Scaredofcasual View Post
So he's willing to live monogamously in practice although he hates to use the “label”. Doesn't want to be labeled that way...and just leave the door open for me to allow a third or not completely without pressure. He will not play separate and never has in 7 months. He made it clear he was ALWAYS going to stick by that and never suggested he would break that agreement. He just wants me to lighten up and look at sex more lightly and don't allow insecurity and jealousy to prevent us from having spice fun with guys out of fear about made up circumstances of worry.
Yeah, it sounds like you really need to just take "yes" for an answer and, um, "lighten up". I doubt that anyone I've dated would give exactly the same response that I would to the question "What does sex mean?" and it's never been a big issue. Different people will answer that question differently!
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