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Well, I had the final conversation with her last night. Spent six hours talking to her about all the things she had done wrong, and she managed to provide apologies and agreements to about just every point I brought up. Still, while I listened to her words and was happy to hear that she was willing to apologize to the people she'd lashed out at as a consequence of our situation, I ultimately still told her that our relationship could not continue and that things were ended between us. It was by far one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, and I'm already wondering whether or not I should have given her another chance. Still, I'm fairly certain I did the right thing, as difficult as it was, and right now my best friend and I are going through the conversation and pointing out how she -still- was attempting to control the conversation and manipulate me, which makes me feel better about my decision.

It's been a long ride, and I know I'm still going to have to suffer through a lot of hurt over being broken up with her. Still, I do sincerely believe that this was the right choice, and that I made it of my own volition from every bit of information I had available to me. Again, everyone here has my utmost thanks for all the advice and wisdom they have provided me with through this ordeal. With it I was able to make an appropriate choice on how to proceed, and though it hurts now I'm certain I will look back in the future and acknowledge it was the right one. Thank you SO much for your help with all of this, I cannot express how much it has helped me to grow and learn to respect myself better.
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