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I guess in short I do not believe in the concept of boredom with anything you feel true connection with. I get that is how others can work, but not me.

And yes I certainly believe you can get that connection back once it is broken.

My connection with Redpepper has been diminished several times, not due to "boredom" grant it ) but I regained it everytime.

The role relationship between sex and love is very important to this topic as Ariakas touches on. A lot of this comes down to what types of relationships we find to meet our needs. Being married to someone I didn't have a sexual connection with does not fit my personal criteria to be a worth while investment in that sense, but to some one else the mairrrage may be quite fine focussed on children, general partnerships and what ever.

The biggest thing in my mind is coming to an understanding of what all the aspects of a relationship mean to each of us. That often takes time and may evolve or change but usually it will contain some fundamentally constant elements. When we get that awareness then we are much more able to give and recieve connection to the fullest extent.

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