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I love going to parties, I love to dance, I love the crowd we associate with but at the same time I still struggle to be social. I am always very excited to go out and wouldnt stay at home, but some nights there are conflicts or by the end of the evening I feel that my night wasnt everything I expected it to be. I wish I didnt feel so alone. its a skill I want to develop being social. I dont think staying at home is going to help anything, I will probably just sit at home wanting to be out

and yes P is very social, everyone knows him, girls hit on him constantly and he knows everyone. he is constantly "getting distracted". hell tell me "hold on one second ill be right back" or "I see someone I know" and I end up running into him hours later. sometimes he used tell me to "go meet people" but that left me feeling bad and we talked about it. its not easy for me to meet people. I have gotten a lot better, but its still a struggle. I think in the future if I brought a friend along that may help me. a lot of people tend to hang out at parties in semi-groups or pairs.

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