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Taking things with a grain of salt seems to be the best policy and eases the tension of drama... things have a way of working themselves out with time and aren't as troublesome as they originally appear.

Partners of any kind need to be treated as equals, not as an addition to an already established relationship in my opinion... this, I think is the nature of loving

If someone is coming into a relationship for the expressed desire to rejuvenate ones sex life or a troubled marriage then this to me is not poly but a method sometimes used by people in an "open marriage." It isn't about love of that new person, but a desire to be bonded and re-connected with ones original partner. I think it's important to realize this before unsuspecting new partners come into ones lives expecting to be loved as equals and hoping to have that couple also become a part of their lives, when really the intent was not there in the first place to do so at all.
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