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Default Hello From SC!!

Hello everyone (and hopefully new friends.)
I am a 35 year old romantic, living on pipe dreams and ambition in South Carolina! I have always known, even as a very young girl, that I have too much love to give than to just one person. HOWEVER- I am COMPLETELY dedicated to my husband and am certian (because of past experiences) that I would always be able to put him first and yet, love another couple. I am not really interested in the drama of having multiple lovers, rather, I think it would be a beautiful union to share our lives with one other man and one other woman.
From all that I read, it never seems weighted quite evenly and therefore, I think is where the jealousy comes into fruition. I am jealous enough to know that I could not accept JUST a woman but, could easily accept both.
The problem is... finding another unified couple and... getting my husband (who recently admitted that he is "struggling" in our 1.5 yr marriage to admit that he would like to pursue this.
Doesn't this just make sense for us? The only other problem is KNOWING that your spouse is on the same page. Though I think he is open minded, I don't know if he really gets that the idea of polyamory isn't SEX but rather a RELATIONSHIP (even children and home) with other persons.... how does one really know they are getting the whole picture before pursuit?
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