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Believe me, you'll know down the road if your trust was misplaced. But give him a little break for NOW. He's trying to find his way with you -- just as you are with him. He deserves the benefit of the doubt -- for now. And now is all you have -- so enjoy it! Soon there may be years and years behind. But that may require you to trust.
*sigh*. Yes, that's the hardest part to swallow. Patience. I know things take time. I know this is relatively new. It's also not just truly new to me, it's really the FIRST for me. I may be a little older now, I may have had my casual life experiences with sex, but as to falling in love, this is just as new as if I was a 16 year old school boy. Probably with more drama and angst though since you have hangups and baggage complicating what should be an easy, free discovery of yourself and others. Thank you so much for the advice. I appreciate it and am eager for more points of view.
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