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Originally Posted by Scaredofcasual View Post
Maybe he just doesn't see this kind of trivial thing as a true demonstration of devotion. But to me it feels off.

From my perspective, your relationship is still pretty fresh and new. A few months is less than it generally takes most people to really get to know one another and to figure out how to nurture the garden of love they are cultivating together. If you are not careful, you'll find that your fears and worries will have the opposite effect of the one you want. That is, you may end up pushing him away by fearing that he isn't really committed to you and the love you share. Developing trust is a delicate dance, and it takes years, not months, to get into the deeper strata of trust.

In the mean time..., trust! Trust him if he tells you he loves you. Believe him. (What luck!) Trust in him that in the future he'll be more apt to announce you as his boyfriend (parner, whatever) even in casual group email notices, etc.

Believe me, you'll know down the road if your trust was misplaced. But give him a little break for NOW. He's trying to find his way with you -- just as you are with him. He deserves the benefit of the doubt -- for now. And now is all you have -- so enjoy it! Soon there may be years and years behind. But that may require you to trust.
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